TRACKING-RENTAL-FINAL2Below are a list of our services catered to corporate and private clientele.

Legal Services

Law firms and attorneys often have a vast amount of resources to conduct their own research. But sometimes it’s simply not enough to put all the pieces together. Guardian Angel investigators can help you gain the additional evidence, information or leverage you need to make your case rock-solid.  For over 10 years, Guardian Angel Investigations has helped its clients uncover crucial evidence and information for legal investigations. Whether you need to locate witnesses, hidden assets, or other missing details, our investigators have the expertise to locate nearly any information pertinent to your case.

Corporate Investigations

Claims and risk management often focus on matters of insurance fraud. However, there are several other major considerations when assessing areas of corporate risk. Billions of dollars are lost every year because of employee theft, fraud, accidents, absenteeism, and misconduct. Threats range from internal sources such as workplace violence to external sources such as terrorism or theft. There are several preventative measures that can decrease risk. Pre-employment screening is generally the first line of defense. It can eliminate candidates with a prior criminal or negative employment history that otherwise would not be uncovered in an application or job interview. Another measure is installation of security and CCTV systems to monitor and document misconduct.

Undercover Investigations

At Guardian Angel Investigations, we provide a detail-oriented, comprehensive undercover investigation, supported by experienced operatives and cutting-edge technology. Undercover Ops are always a beneficial tool to management. They not only seek out the objective of the investigation, but also provide an insiders’ unbiased review of operations, safety, loss prevention, and location productivity. As an outcome of many of these cases, new policies or preventive measures are implemented to create a safe, secure, and dynamic environment.

FMLA Investigations

A leave of absence of between 12 and 26 weeks can be granted for FMLA reasons such as pregnancy, military service, family military leave, personal or family illness, and other personal reasons. Abuse occurs when this leave is used in substitute of sick or vacation time. These actions can cost a company thousands of dollars each year. In addition, the employer must maintain the employee’s benefits and keep their position open. The only way to combat this is to perform surveillance to verify or negate their claim. The investigation commences by review of the FMLA file to locate patterns, inconsistencies or red flags. We will obtain decisive evidence proving secondary employment, recreational activities, or other behavior against their claim. If an employee is caught engaging in fraud, the employer’s evidence holds much weight towards justification of the termination of an employee.


Reality shows and movies have inaccurately depicted how professional investigators deal with sensitive cases involving infidelity. You need a firm that you can trust to complete a careful, covert investigation – without the fear of exposure or legal ramifications. In our experience, our clients’ gut suspicions about infidelity have been proven to be correct over 85% of the time. Do not take the risk of performing your own investigation based on how you think it can be handled. The amount of financial risk when attempting to perform your own investigation far outweighs the cost of our services.

Live Time Vehicle GPS Tracking

Rent a GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices for:

  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Covert tracking for suspected infidelity
  • Track a cheating spouse
  • Track a teenager

Family Law & Divorce Investigations

Guardian Angel Investigations is your truth-seeking resource when going through a divorce or the process of child custody. We are aware of the sensitive nature of these cases and offer services that produce the most return on your investment. Our objective is to provide you with evidence to give you peace of mind, to offer you leverage in your case, or to find the exact truth in a variety of situations.

Background Checks

If you believe that anyone’s history is not accurately portrayed to you, we offer an array of background checks for you to find the exact truth.

Missing Persons

The Internet is full of scams and inaccurate information about missing person searches. Beware: most of the information provided on these sites is anywhere from 3-10 years old. We have had numerous clients come to us after trying several other sites. Before you waste your time or money on scams or outdated details, hire Guardian Angel Investigation to conduct your search. Simply put, if you want to find someone, give us a call or fill in the information below and you will be contacted by one of our investigators.

Special Investigation Services

Our investigative services yield the highest results in the country and we never shy away from a case, because we have the capacity and the skills to facilitate all types of demands from surveillance to background checks.

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