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Background investigations begin with an identity check of the claimant’s known demographic information such as address history, cursory internet searches and a review of social networking profiles. In addition, it includes their respective criminal and civil history and records, lien filings, civil judgements, bankruptcy information, and worker’s compensation claim search.

What can our background investigations do for you?

1. Determines the accuracy of the information provided by the claimant.
2. Reveals red flags (criminal/civil history).
3. Provides a snapshot of credit worthiness and capacity.
4. Overall scope of their reputation and character.


We have pioneered the industry with our eRemote®surveillance. We offer a variety of unmanned cameras to accommodate all of your surveillance needs. eRemote®provides 24/7 coverage and monitoring with a 98% capture rate.

Features of eRemote:

– PTZ Capability
– 24/7 Coverage
– Night Vision
– HD Quality
– Real-Time
– Extended Durations

Perfect for:

– Rural Settings
– Late Night Activities
– Claimant Routines
– Attendant Care
– Suspicious Claimants
– Provider Investigations


Our field surveillance team is composed of highly skilled and crafted investigators experienced in all lines of P&C, Health and Disability Claims. State of the art equipment and technology sets a high standard for our investigations. Each of our field professionals utilize superior investigative equipment and cameras to obtain HD quality documentation and exceptional video results. A wide variety of covert cameras are utlized to obtain documentation in highly discreet situations.

Features of surveillance:
– 300+ investigators strategically placed throughout the U.S.
– Regional Case Managers to aid investigators with strategy and success
– Latest state of the art camera and covert technology
– Daily updates
– 35+ years experience in the field


Medical canvasses provide timely and accurate information pertaining to a claimant’s medical treatment history. Delta searches a specified area and gathers certain detailed information from hospitals, urgent care centers, orthopedics, imaging centers, and pharmacies that may indicate the presence of a possible pre-existing condition. The result is a clean, easy-to-read report detailing provider information where a claimant may have treated.

What can our medical canvass do for you?

– Expose pre-existing conditions and potential post loss.
– Reveals possible patterns of drug seeking behavior.
– Uncovers if the claimant received treatment prior to date of loss.
– Discovers treatment that was not disclosed by the claimant.
– Cost-effective method in determining the claimant’s medical history.


Internet Mining Investigation is an in-depth investigation of a Claimant’s on-line profile and social media presence including on-line associations and relationships. Civil, criminal and social media data is compiled on the subject of the investigation and audited, archived and analyzed. This information is then converted to useful intelligence that is vital evidence used to assist in disputing or validating a claim. Guardian Angel Investigations conducts social media investigations in order to identify active and dormant social media sites associated to the Claimant, associates and family members. Once identified, we audit, analyze and archive all social media accounts for evidentiary purposes. As social media accounts can be deleted at any time, we ensure the account contents are archived and preserved. After analyzing the content of each account, we turn the information posted into useful intelligence to combat fraud and identify red flags.

Social media is used by Claimant’s to report current activities, past events and future planned activities that could be of value in the claims process. Social media accounts allow the client to date past and current activities and allow the client to gauge future planned activities, allowing the timely scheduling of additional surveillance, if warranted.

Attorneys for Claimant’s often direct their client’s (Claimants) to delete any and all social media accounts, due to the possibility of incriminating posts or contradictory posts. As a result, it is advised that Internet Mining Investigations be conducted immediately upon notification of injury. It is also beneficial to conduct monitoring of the Claimant’s social media accounts for updated posts and future plans. In addition, family members and housemates of the Claimant often have social media accounts that contain posts of the Claimant that would be beneficial in building a defense against the claim. A Claimant may not be heavily involved in social media posting while his/her spouse or associate may prove to be more involved in social media and posting crucial evidence involving the Claimant. These could include home improvements; travel before, during or after the date of loss, personal involvement in sports or social clubs, past injuries or suspicious activity prior to the date of loss that could have been the cause of the alleged injury.

Internet Mining Investigations should also be used as part of the pre-employment process. Post-employment social media investigations are also utilized to gauge the current mindset of the employee and to determine if unauthorized information is being disseminated on any social media accounts. Social media accounts often lists friends and associates of the Claimant which allows the client to determine if collusion of a claimant is a possibility or if other employees have any knowledge of a fraudulent claim being pursued by the Claimant.

As social media is global with no boundaries, there are no restrictions on the identification of social media accounts maintained by the Claimant. As long as a Claimant has an Internet connections available, social media accounts can be accessed anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Social media investigations are utilized by law enforcement, military and insurance investigators to combat fraud on a variety of levels. Alcohol or illicit drug consumption prior to claims being filed have been identified on social media that is a valuable defense in liability and culpability. Post date of loss activity posted on line often proves the ability to perform tasks otherwise alleged to be part of injury related limitations. The ability to identify, audit and archive the accounts associated to a Claimant is a valuable tool to combat fraud and allow the client to grasp the personal profile of a Claimant.

Identified Claimant associated social media will be audited on a daily basis for the life of the claimant if warranted, to identify updated current activities and planned future activities by the Subject.
Describe Social Media Review processes, including what network services are reviewed.

Guardian Angel Investigations conducts Internet Mining Investigations by utilizing numerous search criteria, including Claimant addresses, all Claimant associated and developed telephone numbers, cross referencing all associated email addresses to the Claimant and by name searches which include all reported names for the Claimant and variations of each. Some social media sites such as MySpace and Google Plus are only searchable by name criteria searches and all name matched profiles are audited for personal identifiers such as location to confirm if it is associated to the subject of the investigation. In addition, known associates and relatives of the Claimant are also searched on social media to aid in identification of Claimant associated social media accounts and to expand the search to ascertain if any noteworthy posts on friends or relatives accounts could be identified as referencing the Claimant.

Search engines utilized by Guardian Angel Investigations include but are not limited to Google.com, Bing.com, Yahoo.com, Excite.com and Ask.com. Searches include the web, images, videos and news. To ensure accuracy in the search results, we utilize Boolean search logic for all queries to improve results and identify the subject of the investigation if the Claimant under investigation has a name that is common in the general population. A keyword search criteria is used on all searches that include name, location/address and all known personal identifiers associated to the subject of the investigation. The process of these accurate searches allows Guardian Angel Investigations to identify any and all social media accounts currently and previously maintained by the Claimant. Once identified, we audit the entire account, analyze the data and convert the information into intelligence that is pertinent to the investigation. After auditing the entire social media account, we archive the entire account from the first date of entry to the most current and last posted data. This allows the client to have an archived complete digital and hard copy of the Claimant’s entire social media account for evidentiary purposes as social media accounts can and often are modified, deleted or “scrubbed” on the advice of Claimant counsel. A complete audit of the entire social media accounts identified to the Claimant is conducted by seasoned Investigators who are trained to identify “red-flags” on the accounts that could indicate prior medical conditions/injuries, current activities that could be contradictory to alleged restrictions, identifying current and past employment, church/religious activities and locations, future activities/travels/events that would allow the assignment of surveillance on dates that the Claimant may be engaged in noteworthy activities.

Our investigation identifies usernames and screen names utilized by Claimant’s for use on social media in lieu of the given names. Numerous social media sites allow account holders to utilize a screen name instead of their real name for purposes of anonymity and security. Other social media sites such as Facebook do not allow screen names or user names to set up an account and mandate full names for their registration process. Accordingly, it is vital that all searches include the name of the Claimant, variations of all reported and developed names and also searches under all developed user /screen names in order to maximize results and obtain a comprehensive search result.

Our initial process of investigation begins with a full review of a Personal Profile Comprehensive Report compiled by local and national databases. This data provides all associated names used by the Claimant as well as a complete history of residency. All searches in the Internet Mining Investigation include all names utilized by the Claimant and all reported locations of residency. This allows a complete comprehensive search on the Subject and expands the results and accuracy of data. All reported and developed email address are searched for all association of any social media and other intelligence associated to the email addresses. All reported and developed telephone numbers for the Claimant are cross-referenced for association to social media accounts.

All Internet Mining Investigations contain Google Earth imagery of a satellite image and street view image of the Claimant’s current residential address or addresses. This data is extremely useful in surveillance efforts and affords the client and Investigator the ability to gauge the area and location of the Claimant’s residence and if the area is conducive for surveillance. We also include full data regarding property and land value of the Claimant’s current and past residences.

Courthouse searches – if requested as part of a Background Investigation, include searches of all county courthouses for all counties of residency reported for the Claimant. Courthouse searches include Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic and Civil Litigation history in each county courthouse. Data obtained from these searches are embedded in the Internet Mining Investigation report in their entirety for client review and archiving.

Our searches can be modified to client specific request and the nature of the investigation. All search results are compiled in a summarized report and a detailed section that contains all identified social media accounts in their entirety.


We have been providing a variety of SIU services and helped our clients reduce their overall cost of risk.

Recorded Statements:
This in-person interview with the subject of your choice is to provide detail information and issues relevant to or relating to the claim.

Alive and well:
These are conducted to determine a claimant’s current living, health and activity status.

Activity checks:
An in-person neighborhood investigation to covertly/overtly provide information regarding an individual’s daily activities, physical capabilities, and employment as they relate to workers’ compensation injuries, auto accidents, death or disability claims.

Pre-employment screening:
Our Screening Solutions are flexible, focusing the attention on the employer’s needs. We help reduce the risk of hiring the wrong employee or volunteer. In addition, we screen potential tenants providing scoring mechanism.


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